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Present Simple vs Present Continous

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Test your english knowledge with our unique exercices!

Choose the correct alternative.

1. On Mondays, I am having / have an English lesson.

On Mondays, I have an English lesson

2. She usually lives / is living in Switzerland, but she is currently staying / currently stays in Austria for work.

3. How often do you go / are you going to Italy? I go / am going every summer, we have a house there.

4. What does he do / is he doing?! He’s going to fall from up there!

5. Did you know that cats and dogs have / are having a very developed hearing?

6. Do they enjoy / are they enjoying being home?

7. – Josh, can you help me? - I can’t right now. I watch TV / am watching TV.

8. Anna is walking / walks her dog every day.


Download these exercises in PDF

ENG Pres Simple vs Pres Continuous
Download PDF • 444KB

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