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Le Jambon Beurre, the French pizza?

When foreigners think about French food, they think: escargot, croissant, baguette, crêpes. But do you know what is the most eaten dish in France by French people?


Merci à Biome / Panorama Volcanic pour cette photo!

Le Jambon-beurre (ham and butter sandwich)! The king of sandwiches. More than 1 billion units sold in 2018.

Yes, this might sound very simple to you, but this sandwich is a pure delight. And everything about it is so very French, it has a different taste that you might think.

First the bread. Many countries have great breads, but you have to admit, the baguette is unique. The crunchiness outside, the softness inside, the buttery taste (even if there is actually no butter in the making)

Then the butter. Now, I traveled or lived in many countries and nowhere I have found a creamy butter like the french butter. When you cook french butter, it doesn't evaporate, it covers the item with creaminess. Maybe it's the cow breeds or the food they eat, or the air, or the fabrication. But again, the French butter is so unique.

Finally the ham. We call it white ham or Paris ham (Jambon Blanc ou Jambon de Paris) but it has this pinkness, no grease spots, a slight smoky flavor, it melts in the mouth.

This sandwich is available in most bakeries, with fresh bread of the day. It usually cost very little, between 2.50€ and 4€ depending of your location. Most bakeries offer menus with drinks and/or desserts from 5€ to 8€.


A popular variation is to use day old croissants and make a butter, ham (and optional cheese) hot sandwich, with a side salad it is also so delicious!

Of course, bakeries have many different types of sandwiches for all different food lovers: tuna, chicken, vegetarian. My personal favorite is the Saucisson, beurre, cornichon. But this will be for another article!


Have you ever tried a bakery sandwich in France? Which one did you pick?

Let us know in the comments!


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