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Tricycle Languages

Improve your Italian, English and French with our certified teachers Isabelle and Fabiana.
Free Exercises, Unique Stories written and narrated by natives, Clubs in small groups and much more!
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Our mission

Are you lost trying to learn a language? Are you jumping from website to website, podcast to podcast and feeling completely overwhelmed? Do you feel like you don't have time to research the best method, the best blogs, the best websites?

We are here to help!


We created unique stories narrated by our native teachers to help you work on all aspects of language learning, along with the PDF you will discover exercises, vocabulary and audio files.

Also, we offer Free interactive exercises and design a modern & cute PDF that teachers can use in their classroom!


Our Stories

- A PDF of the chapter of the book;
- a vocabulary section to learn new words;
- Comprehension questions to check your understanding;
- Written production inputs to help you develop your writing;
- A mp3 recording of all the above (PDF chapter, comprehension exercises and written production exercises), narrated by the writer - a native speaker - to help you improve your pronunciation and intonation. 


Our Clubs