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Tricycle Languages

Improve your Italian, English and French with our certified teachers Isabelle and Fabiana.

Our mission

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Master Language Learning with Ease!

Feeling overwhelmed by the maze of language learning resources? Tired of scouring the internet for the best methods and materials? Look no further, we're here to help!

What We Offer:

  1. Engaging Native Narratives: Enjoy captivating stories narrated by native teachers. Receive downloadable PDFs with exercises, vocabulary, and audio files to boost your language skills.

  2. WhatsApp Challenges and Walk and Talks: Gain confidence in real communication through WhatsApp challenges and city-based Walk and Talk sessions.

  3. Free Interactive Exercises: Access a wealth of free interactive exercises and stylish PDFs for classroom use.

  4. Informative Blog: Explore our blog for cultural and learning insights.

Embark on an exciting language learning journey with us today!


All in 1 Stories

  • A PDF for each chapter.

  • A vocabulary section to learn new words.

  • Comprehension questions to ensure a good understanding.

  • Topic suggestions for practicing oral or written production.

  • An MP3 file recorded by a native speaker of the language.

  • Phonetics exercises.

  • Games.

  • Flashcards.

  • Touristic and gastronomic recommendations.

  • All of this to help you improve your pronunciation and intonation.


Improve Your Fluency

The Freebies


Interactive exercises with PDF!

Original & Modern exercises for each language to help you develop your skills independently. ​

A unique dialogue, recorded by natives, questions, grammar points, vocabulary and culture tips are all included.

Our exercises will help you work on the receptive skills (reading & listening), the productive skills (writing & speaking as you repeat the recordings), grammar and vocabulary.​

If you like this, check out our Stories .

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Contact Us!

Tricycle Languages LP
5 South Charlotte Street
Edinburgh EH2 4AN
United Kingdom

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