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Past Simple or Present Perfect

Test your English knowledge with our unique exercises!

Find the correct conjugation

1. Last year, I ___ (live) in London.

2. She ____ (study) English for 10 years.

3. My grandmother ___ (read) that book. She ___ just ___ it.

4. My entire family _____(get) together for Christmas three years ago.

5. Your friends ______ (invite) me to the cinema last night.

6. Do you want a sandwich? No, thank you. I ___ already ___ (eat).

7. Where is Martha? I’m not sure. She _____ (come back) yet.

8. What ___ you ___ last summer? I ____ (go) to Croatia with my friends. It ___ (be) amazing

9. ____ you ____ your homework yet? No, not yet. It’s too difficult.

10. ___ you ever ___ (be) to New York? Yes! I ___ (visit) the city when I ___ (be) 20.


Download these exercises in PDF

ENG - I - Past Simple vs Pres Perfect
Download PDF • 150KB

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