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Live like a French: From anywhere in the world!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

So you love France, french language and french culture. Why not pushing your love to make your life a little more French?

Living like a French

Boost Language Learning While Supporting Local French Businesses

In this post, I'm excited to share some valuable resources I (and most French people) use daily to contribute to the growth of local businesses. Rest assured, there are no affiliate links here—just genuine recommendations.

Why Choose European-Based Apps and Websites?

When it comes to privacy, opting for apps and websites based in Europe can be a game-changer. These platforms must adhere to strict European privacy regulations, ensuring your data remains highly secure.

In an age where data privacy is paramount, European rules provide an added layer of protection for your personal information. So, not only can you feel a little closer to our culture, but you can also do so with peace of mind, knowing that your data is in safe hands.

Join me in supporting local businesses and prioritizing your data security while advancing your French Attitude. It's a win-win! Start today living like a French!

Made in France logo

Deezer: the French Spotify

Do you love the Swedish company Spotify? Did you know France has the equivalent?

Founded in 2007, only 1 year after Spotify, DEEZER is the most popular French online music service and it's available in 180 countries! There is a free version with ads and a paid version without ads. You can skip 5 songs an hour with the free version. With 73 millions of titles, podcasts, local radios etc... you will have the same choice as the other popular music streaming platforms and support a french company!


Dailymotion: The French YouTube

Ok, now we got you covered and ready to discover more podcasts in french, french music and french radio.

How about videos then? Do we have the equivalent to Youtube? Yes we do!!!!

Our own French online video streaming service is called Dailymotion. Founded in 2005 in France, it's now available in 149 countries. It's free, no premium service being pushed ;)

No need to be registered or logged in to watch the videos. And there is so much less ads. Of course, being less popular than Youtube, some things are just not available there.

Gîtes de France: The French Airbnb, cheaper and with more guarantees!

Gîtes de France is a long-established institution in France, featuring a collection of vacation rentals like rural cottages, bed and breakfasts, and charming properties. Gîtes de France emphasizes tradition, authenticity, and the unique character of each property. Hosts are often locals who warmly welcome guests and share their local knowledge, creating a friendly and culturally immersive atmosphere. Often Gîte de France offers cheaper options, but might be in a more countryside environment.

BeReal: The Anti-Instagram?

BeReal, the French-made app, is making waves in North America, ranking as the number 1 app in the Canadian App Store and claiming the number 3 spot in the United States, according to Similarweb data as of April 24. Unlike Instagram, BeReal positions itself as an intimate social media platform, focusing on genuine, unfiltered moments.

The concept behind BeReal is simple yet compelling: Once a day, at a random time, users within their circle of friends receive a notification. They then have a mere 2 minutes to snap two quick photos—one of themselves (a self-portrait) and another of their surroundings. The key distinction here is that these photos should capture real, uncurated moments from their everyday lives, as opposed to the carefully staged and often idealized posts found on Instagram.

BeReal represents a growing trend in social media—a departure from the constant pursuit of perfection and an effort to break free from the dependency on traditional platforms. Embrace authenticity with BeReal and join the movement today

Ecosia: The browser for the planet

Ecosia is ecofriendly and based of Berlin, in Germany. While it's not France, it's Europe and the data is much more protected than with US or China based browsers! Ecosia is an environmentally conscious web browser that stands out for its commitment to reforestation. By using Ecosia, you help plant trees globally, contribute to user privacy, support renewable energy usage, and engage with an ethical business model. Ecosia offers a familiar browsing experience while making a positive impact on the planet, making it an attractive choice for eco-conscious users.

Treebal: The French WhatsApp

We have our own WhatsApp and it's ecofriendly!!! The more you text, the more tree they plant!!!! Similar as the browser Ecosia, Treebal plants tree for every message sent. They are very transparent about their projects and they claim to protect our data and not sell it to advertisers. They are still a small company, and only available to Europe, but I hope they will grow big! They do not have call and video calls, only messaging.


Voilà! I hope I helped you being a little bit closer from your french dream!

à bientôt!


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